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We handle everything from recruiting to mentorship and student feedback in the externships. Your team just needs to invest 1 hour/week over 6-8 weeks.

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I got to experience what a career in business development and marketing might look like and met a lot of amazing people in the process.

Ian Mwalago
Now interns @TESLA
Join an externship offered by world renowned brands and startups

What's in it for you?

Students get exposure to your company

Provide case studies to students based on real problems your company is trying to solve.

Accelerate your company's DEI goals

Reach, engage, and educate underrepresented talent.

Your company gets access to potential hires

Receive insights on the top performing and most engaged students. Thoroughly assess candidates for the right fit.

We manage the program for you

We support recruiting, mentorship, student feedback, and assessment.

But don’t just take our word for it.
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"The Practicum with Paragon One is one of the best programs I’ve worked on at Meta. It’s a low-lift, high-return project that really makes me feel like I’m giving back to future generations and building community both inside and outside of Meta. The Paragon One team carries most of the load and makes it easy for us to run this program while managing all of our regular day-to-day duties."

Brian Lee

"The Paragon One student team delivered a high quality work product with relevant and actionable outcomes. I was extremely impressed with their skills, insights, professionalism, and presentation skills.  Our first experience sponsoring a Paragon One externship was an unparalleled success and we are excited about the potential for future projects."

Paul C. Stuart

"Paragon One has found some kind of magic formula. I was extremely impressed with the externs' thoughtful and creative recommendations, and the professional and reliable manner in which they worked with our team. They found several high-ROI opportunities we'd missed, and we're moving forward on them immediately!"

Jared Chung
founder & executive director

"Externships are a great way for students to get hands-on experience with the business or industry they’re pursuing and a great way for companies to connect with future employees. The Paragon program allows us to spend more time working directly with students instead of managing logistics, which means more meaningful experiences for students and a much smoother experience for us."

Mitchell Weinstock

“Overall the program was very well organized and did not take too much time from me and my team. The Paragon One team really made everything easy and smooth for us.”

Irene Hjelt
head of global customer marketing @meta

Meta Remote Practicum

Meta Partnered With Paragon One to Give Scores of Diverse Students Remote Externships in 2021.

Building communities both inside and out of Meta


Students served in the past year, out of which over 50% were from underrepresented backgrounds.


Universities represented in 2021.


Pfizer Remote Externship

Pfizer partnered with Paragon One as part of it's DE&I initiative to make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry.

Building corporate brand through hands-on student engagement


Increase in student reported knowledge of Pfizer Inc.


Increase in student reported knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry.

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