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By co-creating project based work experiences with companies, we’re finally bridging the gap between education and the workforce.

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Students Gain work experience with our partner Companies


Many of the 56 students who completed externships indicated that the program enabled them to build new skills, gain industry exposure and enhance their competitiveness for the job market. Moreover, participants strengthened their time management and self-accountability.

Brett Woodard
Director of the Colorado College Edge Internship Program
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Gone are the days of students struggling to find meaningful experiences to accelerate their employability

We all want more for our students

Industry and educational professionals alike recognize that not every institution can offer up the training and experiences necessary to prepare students’ transition into the workforce.

That's why we partner with Educators

To bring project based externships we co-create with our company partners to students. We believe work-integrated learning is the missing link connecting hungry, diverse, and qualified students to entry-level positions in the industries of their choice.

We understand the restraints of academic institutions

The desire to boost their student body’s labor market competitiveness is huge but the bandwidth to achieve such a broad, aspirational goal is often out of reach.

How we can spread the word together

Companies are eager to partner with academic institutions in order to foster the exact opportunities students need to bridge this age-old gap. Partner with us to empower your students.


We support students from all academic backgrounds



Liberal Arts





We saw the remote externships that Paragon One offered as a fairly developmental option for students to gain experience, do real project-based work, without having to satisfy prerequisites for skills.

Drew Poppleton
Director of Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education at Case Western University
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Integrate externships into your institution for a specified group of students. Award credit as a co-op alternative or internship substitute


Personalized Scheduling and Integrations

Gain unique access to customized externship programs designed to fit within school calendars or integrate within existing co-op/externship programs/curriculum

Receive Assessments & Progress Reports

Our student-focused Program Managers oversee and manage progress over the course of the program, tracking and reporting comprehensive student assessments every step of the way


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The partnership aspect of the externship allows us to get fresh feedback, regularly liaise with the Paragon One team and monitor students' progress. So we can reach out to them if they’re facing challenges and we know what support they need.

Iza Benedicto
Program Associate on The Opportunity Network’s internships team
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