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Secrets to uncovering the best jobs

Day 5: Acing the Interview

The Twenty-Minute 6-Day Game Changer

The 3 ingredients that will get you the interview

Strategies that guarantee you’ll be prepared

Day 6: Sealing the Deal

Day 1: Creating Your Personal Brand

How to expand connections that lead to jobs

Day 2: Building Your Network

Tips to make those crucial first seconds count

Day 3: Finding Opportunities

Final game-changers: stand out and get that job

Day 4: Winning the First Impression

Learn proven strategies from hiring managers and industry insiders.

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Matt Wilkerson’s success rate is pretty impressive: 100% of his students have landed their dream job.

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Paragon One grew out of an invite-only mentor network started at MIT 10 years ago. In our 6-session course, we’ve packaged some of our best advice and secrets from hiring managers at top companies. You won’t find this valuable content anywhere else, and it’s absolutely free.


Digital marketer at Experfy

Why Students Love Paragon One

I couldn't believe Paragon One was able to get me an internship so quickly. I learned everything from interview techniques, to networking, to how to build relationships at work. I was able to grow my professional network with people that I did not have access to.


Marketing at Taboola

I lost count of how many applications for summer internships I sent out, but I got zero response. I then registered for an informational session with Paragon One and found it to be so helpful that I joined the program two weeks later. In a couple of months I landed an internship at a tech start-up


Data Analyst at Topix

Paragon One's career accelerator was a very specialized career training program that was custom-made for me. As I look back on the program, I see the importance and value that my conversations with advisors had.

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