Discovery Externships

The fastest way to generate proprietary product, customer, market, company, sales insights
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Our Externships

Customer Discovery

Identify the pains, motivations, jobs-to-be-done, and behaviors of your customer. Discover your ideal customer segment through primary research.

Market Discovery

Deepen your understanding of competitors, industries, international markets, & emerging technologies applied to your business problem.

Sales Discovery

Generate, qualify, and assess prospective leads through multi-channel outreach. 

Product Discovery

Validate product ideas with customers before building. Verify user value before investing engineering resources.

Company Discovery

Conduct in-depth due diligence on a company to asses partnership, collaboration, or investment viability.

Discover the Future

Build your own externship with our team of in-house experts.

How Discovery Externships Work

Choose your discovery externship.
Context gathering with our team of experts.
Our extern teams and expert managers are deployed on your project.
Receive industry standard artifacts within a few weeks.


UXR at scale

Conduct 100s of 1:1 interviews on your target audience

Actionable insights

Accelerate learnings with synthesized insights with robust quantitative and qualitative backup

Unique perspectives

Discover insights beyond simple Google searches


Receive results in days, not months

Low Lift

Minimal time and effort required

A Sample of our Externship Clients

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