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I can confidently say that my Practicum with Meta helped me get into the mindset I needed for my current internship.

Daniel Neckonoff
Incoming intern @linkedin
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"I want to make an active contribution not just to research it, but learn about it to the point where I can know how to protect it better, so we can move on for the species and make a better world."

Martin Kalere
@National geographic and The nature conservancy
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"Would I have access to an externship like this without Paragon One? In all honesty, probably not. I would have seen the name Pfizer, a huge company, a well-established company, and I probably would have thought, 'I don't have a shot.'"

Jonah Throw
Overcome Boundaries

“I did not grow up with a support network to guide my career. The Meta Remote Practicum opportunity I did was a great opportunity. It’s great to be able to get experience and expand my network in the middle of the school year. I’m very grateful for this experience and I have learned a lot.”

Catherine Liu

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Crypto Gaming Market Research & Analytics Remote Externship
Apply through
Rolling start dates

Develop your market research skills by conducting a market analysis of play-to-earn crypto games

Investment Banking Company Due Diligence Remote Externship
Apply through
January 23, 2023
Rolling start dates

Strengthen your due diligence skills by analyzing cutting edge companies combating climate change.

Non-Profit Consulting Remote Externship
Apply through
January 29, 2023
Rolling start dates

Gain strategic consulting skills by tackling real problems from non-profit organizations.

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What is a Remote Externship?

For companies, Remote Externships are an efficient way to offer a real world work experience opportunity to a large group of diverse students. Typically, companies would be able to reach many more students than they would through a traditional internship.

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How can Remote Externships add value to your resume?

An Externship is a chance to tackle real world projects alongside school work. It's both an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Many outstanding students have even progressed to internships and full-time offers through Externships.

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How experiential learning can accelerate diverse and inclusive recruiting

By running Externship programs that available to applicants from every background, companies have a chance to work with candidates before offering them jobs. Over 8-12 weeks, can assess how well a candidate will fit in with their team and culture, how motivated they are and how impactful their work is.

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