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Elevate Your Resume and Skillset

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Gain industry relevant skills through powerful learning experiences
A live 6 to 8 week journey that mirrors the Fortune 1000 work experience
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Build your professional network
100% of students elevate skills, resume and professional network through the experience
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Present strategy and solutions to big-brand leadership
Contribute value and create a powerful first impression
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Receive career guidance from Fortune 1000 leaders
Personalized instruction and guidance from Paragon One and Fortune 1000 mentors
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Seize the opportunity to land your dream job at one of the most influential brands in the world
1 out of 2 students secure a Fortune 1000 job or internship

Meet Our Externs

Opportunities for future leaders across all industries
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“You already have the skills and tools inside of you but this externship really enhances on it—I’ve met so many people from different backgrounds already.”

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Mary Grace

“Looking back I know the externship was really an amazing opportunity because it allowed me to explore Marine Conservation in it’s different aspects, including politics, community and science.”

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“I want to create or be part of a corporate structure that doesn’t necessarily look at their employees as a number—but respecting people while empowering them to grow professionally.”

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Real Career Impact
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Of Externs advanced career goals 
Of Externs are more confident in pursuing a career in the industry
Colleges represented
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RYAN / Paragon One Extern and new PwC employee


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