Gain Real-World Experience with Your Dream Company.

Increase your visibility and build relationships with senior company leaders in a 7 week Remote Externship.

My journey has shown me that you don’t have to be limited by your major. With Paragon One, you can tell your story, no matter what background you have.

Richard Wilson
Now works @meta
Join an externship offered by world renowned brands and startups

Benefits of Externships

Real-World Experience in Your Industry

From market research to conservation efforts, whatever field you're interested in, you'll be working on projects that build your industry skillset and polish your resume. In our 6 to 8 week programs, you'll gain industry knowledge while developing your soft and hard skills. Elevate your resume with Paragon One.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

While we're focused on your future, we know how busy your present can be. You probably find it hard to make time for career planning between classes and having a life. That's why our programs are flexible. Work on your schedule with just a 10-hour weekly commitment.

Learn from Industry Professionals

The best way to learn about an industry is by working with the professionals who are in it. Learn from company team leads through biweekly meetings. Top students will even have the opportunity to present their work to leadership teams.


Meet Our Externs

"My externship with HP was a great example of how a single experience can change the course of a career. After my externship, I started getting interviews, and I started seeing my resume downloaded by recruiters. People called and said they wanted to learn more about the HP Tech Ventures Externship. It was something they’d never seen before, and they wanted to know more. Leveraging this experience has helped me in more ways than I can count, and now I am a summer analyst at an investment bank!"

Dawit Teshome
now interns @Windsor capital, llc

"I found myself as a recent graduate with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Paragon One offered an exciting opportunity to explore and work with real-world companies alongside a cohort of like-minded individuals. The most significant benefit as an extern is the flexibility for career discovery. As someone who had almost no industry exposure, I had the chance to build my understanding of the marketing industry by researching ad-tech solutions and presenting my findings to the Facebook team."

Valerie Fong
NOW WORKS @Empire lakes productions

“I really want to emphasize that Paragon One offers many opportunities not just in social media and marketing but in finance, accounting, more. These unique and tailored experiences are a great way to not only develop in areas of your own interests but to also expand your knowledge in general. And they're easily accessible. Really anyone can do it. I did it. So I want to emphasize that the possibilities are there and to just go for them.”

Isabella DeIulis

“I believe business and tech together have a transformative power to do good with high impact. That’s why I was so excited to get into the Paragon One Facebook Remote Externship program. It was a structured, intentional experience, and I got to enhance skills like market research, communicating to a strategic audience, and putting together insights in an easily digestible way.”

Jose Medina

“I feel like a lot of people say diversity matters, but they don’t show it. This opportunity definitely showed it. I met people from all over the world with different backgrounds, who had similar interests to me. I don't think I would have ever had the chance to do a project with a company like Facebook outside of this. With this experience being through Paragon One and their connection to my university, it felt so much more accessible to me and not like a far off unattainable goal.”

McKenzie Templeton
NOW WORKS @Johnson city chamber of commerce

“There was mentorship and structure, but the people overseeing us didn’t force their ideas on us. I really liked the frank discussions at the weekly meetings and how the Facebook staff we interacted with showed genuine interest in our futures.”

Ryan Baladez
Crypto Gaming Market Research & Analytics Remote Externship
Apply through
Rolling start dates

Develop your market research skills by conducting a market analysis of play-to-earn crypto games

Investment Banking Company Due Diligence Remote Externship
Apply through
January 23, 2023
Rolling start dates

Strengthen your due diligence skills by analyzing cutting edge companies combating climate change.

Non-Profit Consulting Remote Externship
Apply through
January 29, 2023
Rolling start dates

Gain strategic consulting skills by tackling real problems from non-profit organizations.

Application Process

After sending in your application, we'll reach out if we think you're a good fit. You'll send in a "Get to Know You" video and then participate in a live interview.

Week 1: Onboarding

During the first week of the program, you'll be setting goals for what you want to achieve in the upcoming weeks and familiarizing yourself with the industry, our platform, and your cohort.

Weeks 2-5: Research & Analysis

During the regular programming of the Externship, you will receive training and complete projects through our student platform. These exciting weeks are filled with weekly meetings, company meetings, student-led workshops, and virtual events like speaker series and networking sessions.

Present to Host Company

Top students will be selected to present their projects and findings to company leads and other senior leadership.

Here's how a Remote Externship works

We partner with leading brands to curate six to eight week programs designed for student success. By dedicating 10 hours a week, you’ll receive training, work on real problems, and network with professionals — all from the comfort of your own home.

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